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We're not only electronic we're mechatronic


itec marca

i-TEC was created with the propose to distinguish itself through the innovation of its products as well as for their quality standards coupled with new technologies and new materials.
Was developed to create custom solutions for specific needs, being innovative in the adaptation of a range of access control with all the security assurance that is required today.
Solutions which distinguished itself from the simple control of a cabinet lock, to the possibility of configuring all accesses without software or with software through intuitive programming, to the fullest Hotels control system.
Counting also in our line options with code and Biometric Reading.
It brings together a young team with entrepreneurial attitudes in order to develop and bring you the most intelligent and adapted to your everyday solutions.

itecmedia marcaiTEC Media aims to bring you the best of Multimedia, so you can enjoy your equipment and files in the most convenient way possible. The user is our highest priority.

We seek to develop our range of products in order to make you feel in a higher level of excellence, to make you feel comfortable with one foot in the future wherever you are, whether at home, in a hotel room, in the workplace, etc ... with our products you will have easy access with quality, variety, speed and functional to all your files and multimedia devices.



unik marca


B Unik’s mission is the insatiable demand for exclusivity, developing  high-end products, with quality and taste. Customized products that awake in the users a sense of excellence, power and class. The user of our products must feel unique. We are holders of a varied and extensive range of products, creating customized and intelligent solutions to the needs of your everyday live.